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What is this


You can see the participants' reactions with emoji during presentation.


Participant's comment will flow on your screen in real time.

Support Twitter

You can also display tweets with hashtags on Twitter.

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PowerPoint, keynote, whatever application you open, comments and reactions are displayed on your screen. And it supports all video chat tools such as Zoom and Google hangout, Microsoft Teams.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

You can give a presentation while talking with the audience since their comments appear over your screen.

Fast Feedback

You can know how much the audience understand your presentation, and what they think about it right away.

Enlarge Excitement

The listeners can know what others think about, so the excitement will spread among the audience.

With video chat tool

CommentScreen works well with video chat apps such as Zoom and Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams.

Any Platform

CommentScreen works on any OS and any screen, even outside of presentations. Find creative ways of using it!

Social Engagement

Gather feedback from SNS to examine wider range of user feedback, and reach out to more people.

App Usage

Promotion Movie



Educational Program

感染症対策のための休校措置等により、授業はオンライン授業に切り替わっています 学びの機会の損失をなくすため,スムーズにオンライン授業を受けていただくために,コメントスクリーンを完全無償,サポート付きでご利用できるプログラムです.



対象の機関の関係者は,コメントスクリーンを人数制限なく無償でご利用できます. サポートが必要な方は下記の申し込みフォームから,お問い合わせください. 本プログラムで使用できる機能 コメント表示機能,リアクション機能,Twitter連携機能

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